I hear not the volumes of sound merely
I am moved by the exquisite meanings.
I listen to the different voices winding in and out, striving, contending fiery vehemence to excel each other in emotion…
Walt Whitman

Motivated by the belief that music can be learned and enjoyed by everyone, and not only by those musically gifted, Kamilla Sonkin feels that we all possess a natural, inherent, and universal potential for musical enjoyment. With the right guidance, encouragement and attitude, this appreciation is greatly enhanced. The power of music on young minds is apparent.

Designed as an individually-planned curriculum, the custom-tailored study program of piano lessons by Kamilla Sonkin includes notation, sight-reading, interpretation, harmony, form, theory, technique, and preparation for performance. Daily practice is viewed as essential to progress. A public concert of Sonkin’s students is held at the end of each year. At this event, an opportunity is provided for students to share their personal musical experience, which spurs enthusiasm and inspires musical growth in themselves and their collegues.

Sonkin’s students represent a breadth of interest and ability, including those who play for personal pleasure and those who go on to pursue a career in public concert performance. Sonkin's unique teaching skills and style have proved to be a great facilitator for her students entry into the most prestigious conservatories.


"… musical training is more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul on which they mightly fasten, imparting grace.”

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