March, 2007

I have been the Director of the Darien Summer and Contining Education program since 1999. 
I have known Kamilla Sonkin from her association as an instructor in the Darien Continuing Education program. In a span of two years, from Fall, 2003 until Spring, 2005, Kamilla has offered the following courses in our DCE catalogue: 

Chopin and Liszt—the Love-Hate Relationship
Piano Orientation and Music Theory
Bach and the Baroque Period
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Triumph and Tragedy

All of Ms. Sonkin’s offerings reflected thought and preparation of her subject matter. I found her to be knowledgable in our work-related discussions: She knows her subjects thoroughly. Kamilla is a consummate professional with a passion for music and music history. Although her classes drew small numbers, the dedication of those in attendance never waivered.

Kamilla Sonkin has the attributes necessary for success as a teacher in the new millennium.: knowledge, organizational skills and a flair for teaching music. I highly recommend her.

                                          E. G., EdD, Dir. Summer and Adult Education


….This is already my last year at Mannes and I have had a great experience studying here as a composer. I got into Juilliard, Manhattan, and Mannes for my graduate studies. I have decided to go to Juilliard. I always appreciate all the support and help you gave me when I first came to America! I wouldn’t have been able to come to New York and accomplish all of this if it wasn’t for the two years I have studied with you! Thank you again for everything! 

                                                                           Nicky S. (New York, NY)

….I just wanted to thank you for all of your patience and hard work in teaching me piano. I sincerely enjoyed all of your lessons. You truly are a wonderful teacher.

                                                        Elizabeth B. (Fairfield University, CT)

….I will miss you sooo much. For all the time I‘ve known you, you’ve been the best piano teacher I’ve ever known. I will work hard on my piano next year. Now it is time to say good- by and I want to say “You are the best“!

                                                                             Charlie (Stamford, CT) 

It was great having you as a piano teacher. Thank you for all of your help!
                                                                           Tricia (Highland Park, IL)

Thank you so much for taking Rachel from her first middle C to Mozart. You are the best teacher-always setting high expectations and helping her transition to increasingly difficult pieces. She knows her fundamentals, which will help her in all her other musical endeavors. Thanks for everything.

                                                                            Judy M. (Stamford, CT) 

I wanted to thank you so much for being a wonderful piano teacher this semester. Your lessons were inspirational, and I learned a great deal. Hopefully in Prague I will have the chance to practice what I have learned… 

                             Natalie B. (Fairfield U, CT & Prague, Czech Republic)

We thank you for the lovely Recital. Jessica has blossomed this year in so very many ways…not the least of what is due to your influence. I do believe esteem soars when goals are set high and then achieved! Thank you for your fine instruction as well as your caring “way” with Jess.

                                                                              Evy K. (Rowayton,CT) 

I enjoyed being your student. I LOVE ALL the pieces. You taught me a lot about music Thank you! 

                                                                               Phillip O. (Darien, CT)

We moved back to Japan. We all love music. We never forget your music. We love your music. Thank you for teaching my daughters.

                                                                                      Hikiko Toi (Japan)

Thank you for your work with Steven…His appreciation of the music and his feeling toward working with the piano have grown tremendously since he began with you….

                                                                                 Mrs. R (Chicago, IL) 

Contact Ms. Sonkin: info@artofplayingpiano.com